Gym Phone Holder

Tired of holding your phone while you navigate heavy gym equipment? Want a more secure gym phone holder for everyday sessions? With Freetrain’s ergonomic chest phone holders, you enjoy a new piece of practical gym equipment – which won’t break the bank. Your solution to where to put your phone at the gym has been found – so shop today! Our Freetrain gym phone vest conveniently straps your essentials to your chest. So, whether you’re lifting weights, squatting up a storm or taking part in your own home workout, you get to work up a sweat without worrying about your possessions. From your phone and keys to rejuvenating gels, everything you need fits snugly and safely into this gym phone holder for workouts. Plus, if you get a notification or aren’t quite feeling your current music playlist, it’s easy to access your device. Just flip open the phone compartment of our gym phone holder; there’s no need to break your stride and no interruption to your training. All our Freetrain gym phone holders for training are designed specifically to enhance your workout. Instead of awkward armbands obstructing your bicep curls, our gym phone holders keep all your essentials out of the way and perfectly balanced. And don’t worry about sweating through our gym phone holder for workouts. Freetrain’s high performance, breathable materials help you to regulate your body temperature and maximise your exercise – even when faced with the most challenging interval training. You may be familiar with gym belts for your phone as well as gym phone armbands, but we’re here to give you a much better solution. The last thing you need when really giving it your all in a workout is an armband or waistbelt obstructing your movements, falling off or just generally slowing you down! With the Freetrain phone carrier for the gym, you can carry your phone comfortably and use and check it easily by simply flipping down the front. If you’ve been looking for the best gym phone holder, then consider a Freetrain today. Keeping your phone safe at the gym can be a concern, whether you’re working out as part of a class or have your own workout planned. Leaving your phone unattended nearby as you focus on your session or even leaving it in a changing room locker can be risky, so the best way to carry your phone at the gym is to wear it! Whether you’ve brought your phone to fuel your workout with music, want to time and count your reps or simply want to make sure you’re still contactable whilst visiting the gym, the Freetrain has got you. With its super quick and easy flip-front design, you can quickly check your DMs or switch your music up, and get back to the sweat – without being restricted by an arm or waistband as you go for gold. From a visit to the squat rack followed by deadlifts and snatches to a speedy spin class, high intensity circuits and even EMOM burpees (cue sick emoji) the Freetrain will support you as you embark on your toughest of workouts. With the Freetrain’s seamlessly comfortable fit, you’ll feel nothing but endorphins from this gym phone holder. Simply place over your head and adjust your straps to the perfect fit. The black and silver designs of our training vests will also give your gym gear a stylish finish. Its water resistant element will also mean your phone remains safe and working, no matter how much you sweat!! When heading to the gym for a workout, your phone should be the least of your worries, which is why we are coming through with a revolutionary phone carrier for the gym, no matter your fitness ability! Those looking for ways to carry your phone at the gym will probably also be looking for an alternative to hold other essentials such as their car and house keys, and things such as inhalers, should one be needed during exercise. As well as this, you might require a post or pre-workout fuel and the second pocket of the Freetrain is perfect to fit energy gels or small snacks to keep you going and ensure that you give your very best performance! Whether you’re a regular gym goer and visit most days, you go when you get the time or you’re brand new to gym-style exercise, the Freetrain is perfect as a gym phone holder for all abilities and is just as perfect for a quick spin class as it is for finally going for that snatch PB. Whilst having your phone at the gym is important, you also don’t want it to distract from your workout, which is why the Freetrain is the best of both worlds. A gym phone armband may mean that you can go handsfree whilst in the gym, there’s evidence to suggest that being unbalanced whilst you workout can lead to injuries in the long term. The Freetrain vest is a safe phone carrier for the gym due to it being central on your body, balancing everything out completely, meaning it’s the best way to carry your phone at the gym. For maximum comfort, be sure to use the Freetrain’s adjustable straps so that your gym phone holder fits perfectly and doesn’t move up or down or side to side when you’re in motion! Of course, there are many ways to carry your phone at the gym, with plenty of armbands and gym belts for phones being available as well as other phone carriers for the gym. However, investing in the Freetrain will be sure to transform the way you workout, meaning you stay connected without any distractions, as you work towards your goals. Why not give the Freetrain a go today, and see what you can achieve?