Cycling Phone Holder

At Freetrain, we believe in combining peaceful training sessions with constant connectivity. That’s why we created our revolutionary cycling phone holder – so you can do what you love the most without giving up your essentials.

Whether you are heading out on a big family cycle or training for a triathlon, our cycling phone holders keep your most important items safe and secure. Most importantly, you’ll barely feel our innovative chest phone holder while you ride. That’s because our patented lightweight design ensures a snug but stretchy centralised fit. For riders, this means a more comfortable and confident cycle, every time.

If you’re thinking that a cycling phone vest could be bulky, we’ve already addressed that issue for you. Freetrain vests are ergonomically designed in a unique breathable and water-resistant fabric, so no amount of bad weather or humidity will get in the way of your session. They’re also reflective, making them an obvious training companion during early morning and evening rides.

Still unsure about how they compare to other cycling phone holders? Well, they offer a more balanced and secure fit than armbands and are also more stable than standard cycling phone mounts. At the same time, our cycling phone holders effortlessly keep you connected to the ones you love. Just flip open the chest phone holder to quickly and discreetly display your screen, all without removing your device from its trusty pouch.