Cycling Phone Holder

At Freetrain, we believe in combining peaceful training sessions with constant connectivity. That’s why we created our revolutionary cycling phone holder – so you can do what you love the most without giving up your essentials. Whether you are heading out on a big family cycle or training for a triathlon, our cycle phone holder keeps your most important items safe and secure. Most importantly, you’ll barely feel our innovative chest phone holder while you ride. That’s because our patented lightweight design ensures a snug but stretchy, centralised fit. For riders, this means a more comfortable and confident cycle, every time. If you’re thinking that a cycling phone case could be bulky, we’ve already addressed that issue for you. Freetrain vests are ergonomically designed in a unique breathable and water-resistant fabric, so no amount of bad weather or humidity will get in the way of your session. They’re also reflective, making them an obvious training companion during early morning and evening rides. Still unsure about how they compare to other cycling phone holders? Well, our cycling phone case offers a more balanced and secure fit than armbands and are also more stable than standard cycling phone mounts. At the same time, our cycling phone holders effortlessly keep you connected to the ones you love. Just flip open the chest phone holder to quickly and discreetly display your screen, all without removing your device from its trusty pouch. A cycle mobile phone holder has never been more effective. Where to keep your phone when cycling has often been a dilemma for many. Whilst you don’t want carrying a mobile phone to affect your performance or disrupt your ride, heading out on a cycle (particularly a solo one) is arguably a lot safer when carrying a mobile phone device that allows you to contact for help should there be an emergency such as going off-piste and getting lost or suffering an injury whilst out on the road. A cycling mobile phone case in the form of an armband can be annoying or uncomfortable when it comes to placing your arms in the correct position on the handlebars and, similarly, a waistband can restrict movement when turning those pedals. At Freetrain, we have taken the concept of a cycling phone mount and made it, well, better. Our Freetrain vest is super lightweight, so lightweight in fact, that you won’t even know it’s there. The durable fabric used to make all of our vests are not only water resistant (so your phone remains safe even during those rainy rides) but also means that our vests are designed to last, no matter how many times you hit the road per week. At Freetrain, we truly believe that we have created the best phone holder for your cycle so you can stay connected whilst pedalling out the miles. Whether you want to listen to your favourite playlist to push you that little bit further, have a podcast to keep you company as you cycle, are following a specific route and need directions or are simply just carrying your phone for safety, there’s no easier way to take your mobile with you as you enjoy a cycle. From being a cycling beginner to hitting the roads at advanced speed, every cyclist can benefit from a Freetrain vest. Whether you’re searching for a waterproof phone pouch for cycling or want a cycling mobile case to avoid scuffs and scratches to your device, the Freetrain can do this, and more! There’s nothing better than grabbing your bike and hitting the road for a cycle. From exploring country roads and open spaces at the weekend, to getting from A to B on a Monday morning, a cycle phone holder is an absolute must for completing every journey. With its reflective technology, lightweight fabric and completely comfortable fit, your Freetrain vest and your bike will now go hand in hand! As well as cycling for leisure, the Freetrain is also perfect for anyone on the lookout for a bicycle mobile phone holder for competitive cycling and races. The Freetrain’s seamless fit means you won’t notice a thing as you push yourself to the limits to achieve your best time or distance yet. Whether you’re clocking the miles virtually for Strava or are taking part in a race with other cyclists, simply adjust the Freetrain to your body and get going! Freetrain’s cycle phone holder isn’t just the perfect way to transfer your mobile phone but will also work to provide protection to your device, in the unfortunate event that you do come off your bike. As well as carrying your phone, the Freetrain cycling mobile phone holder can also carry other essentials such as car and house keys, if you are taking the bikes further afield to explore somewhere new. Its second pocket can also hold gels and other energy boosters, which are much-needed when it comes to those long-distance, all day rides. As well as some extra caffeine, our Freetrain cycle phone holder can also house an inhaler and other essential medication, for anyone that needs to carry this when exercising. Lastly, as well as being totally functional and super useful to your cycle in more ways than one, the Freetrain version of a phone holder for bike also looks pretty good, too. Its unique and patented design makes this a super slick, unisex accessory that’s bound to match your cycling gear – whether you’re dressed to head out in the cold weather or are simply wearing a tshirt and shorts for a warm and sunny ride. With so many different features and an aesthetically pleasing finish, we truly believe that as a cycling mobile phone holder, the Freetrain does everything it should, and more. Shop for yours and transform your ride, today.