Your solution to a phone holder for exercise

In the past, exercise phone holders have been associated with uncomfortable waistbelts and awkward arm bands that can really get in the way of your performance. Whether that’s training hard for a specific event, reaching a personal goal or simply getting a bit of movement into your day. Research proves that a mobile phone exercise holder should be centralised on the body in order to eliminate an imbalance as you move. Whilst this can be achieved in the form of an exercise phone holder round your waist, pressure on your stomach can be uncomfortable and something riding up above your waistband can still be pretty restrictive when you’re focussed on moving to the best of your ability. The answer? A mobile phone holder for exercise in the form of a vest. At Freetrain, we’ve developed a product that adjusts for a completely seamless fit, has a reflective element should you be training in the dark, matches stylish training gear and can also hold other small essentials. Your best exercise phone holder has arrived. Here’s how you can use yours.

Exercise phone holder for the gym

There’s nothing quite like training in the gym. From meeting friends for joint training sessions, to joining different classes for new experience and even plugging in your headphones and simply getting it done – it’s a place where you can really push yourself to the limits. Which means you need to rely on a good exercise phone holder, right? Whether you’re pedalling it out in a power spin class, are testing your limits with a killer Crossfit style circuit or are gearing up for a burpee challenge, the last thing you want to do is worry about where you’re going to store your mobile phone and other essentials. Although gyms provide lockers and places to keep your valuables, by keeping them on your person, you can literally forget everything around you and give your workout your all, safe in the knowledge that you know exactly where your smartphone is.

What is the best exercise phone holder for the gym?

Whilst an exercise arm phone holder or waistbelt will hold your phone in place, there are certain gym exercises and activities that mean holding your phone in this way can be impractical. From bicep curling with a phone on your arm or crunching with something around your waist, the best place to store your phone is up high on your body. The Freetrain vest adjusts at the sides so you can fit it perfectly to your body. Its perfect fit means it won’t move around and from the warm up to the cool down, you’ll barely know it’s there, making it the best exercise phone holder. Whether visiting the gym has been a part of your routine for years, you’ve set yourself a fitness challenge and have a training programme to stick to, or you’re stepping foot into the gym for the first time, a good phone holder for exercise can completely transform your session.

Exercise phone holder for outdoor activity

Of course, exercise doesn’t just stop at the gym. There are plenty of people that prefer to chase their endorphins outside, whether you’re a fitness lover or a total beginner. From running and trail running to outdoor sports and even bootcamps in the park, you don’t have to be inside of a gym to challenge your fitness. If you are choosing to push yourself outdoors, chances are you’ll be in search of an exercise phone holder that’s durable enough to protect your belongings against the elements but also not get in the way of your workout, no matter what’s on the agenda. By adjusting a workout vest, you are ensuring your phone is tucked away safely, but there’s also nothing moving around, distracting you or standing in your way.

One thing we can control in a gym that isn’t possible elsewhere, is the weather. In the gym, you’re not up against the elements, whereas choosing to workout outside means that you must prepare for all eventualities. There’s no guarantee that you won’t be doing press ups in the mud, sprints in the rain or cycling against strong wind. In this case, you’ll need an exercise phone holder that is water resistant and strong enough to see you through those not-so fair weather training sessions. Because, if you’re committed – you’ll still get it done, no matter what you’re up against! Protect your smart phone and other belongings with a water resistant exercise phone holder as you work out outside. On top of this, being safe and therefore being seen is paramount when you’re choosing to take your workout outdoors. Whether you’re heading out on a pre-sunrise run before starting your working day or you’re training outdoors after dark, you’ll benefit from Freetrain’s VR vest – a reflective version of the original. To enhance this even more, you can attach some Freetrain LED’s to the front, to ensure you can be seen from a distance by other motorists or cyclists.

The stylish mobile phone exercise holder

Of course, when it comes to working out and reaching your goals, functionality is key. If you don’t have something comfortable, lightweight and easy to wear when storing your smart phone, then your performance is going to be affected. Like your best pair of running shoes, highest quality leggings or high-tech running watch, these all need to offer comfort and practicality above anything else. However, in a world where there are so many different styles and products when it comes to workout gear, you are probably looking for something with a stylish element, too. Whilst having a phone holder whilst exercising may not scream fashion, your mobile phone vest doesn’t have to be bulky, garish in colour or even look any different to the rest of your kit. With a stylish matte black finish and streamlined aesthetic, the Freetrain will fit perfectly with the rest of your training gear, whether you’re running outdoors or sweating it out in the gym.

If you’re yet to find your best exercise phone holder, it’s time you tried a training vest. Shop the Freetrain VR and V1 training vests today, and let nothing stand in your way.