Your new mobile phone holder for walking

There are countless benefits to walking for both physical and mental health and, especially in recent times, more and more people have been heading out on foot to breathe in the fresh air. Whether you’re counting your steps and aiming for 10,000, have a long Sunday walk planned, or you’re quickly stretching your legs after a long day working from home or in the office, a daily walk is recommended for us all. No matter how often you walk, where you’re walking to or how long you’re walking for, most of us will prefer to take our smartphone out with us whilst we walk. From listening to eye opening podcasts, to winding down with music and just generally being contactable should you need to be, carrying a phone can make a walk safer and more enjoyable. However, breaking into a brisk walk with a phone in your pocket can be uncomfortable and annoying, in the same way holding it in your hand is. And, if you’re walking for long periods of time, can even cause an imbalance injury. A hands free phone holder for walking can quickly put a stop to this, meaning nothing can stand in the way of you and your daily walk.

Why should we walk every day?

Walking for just 30 minutes per day can massively improve our cardiovascular health as well as strengthen our bones and contribute towards fat loss, if this is a goal that you have. Not only amazing for our physical health, getting out for a stroll in the fresh air can really work wonders for our mental state. With a great mobile phone holder for walking, there is literally no excuse not to hit the pavements and ramp up that step count! A phone holder for walking is perfect for anyone that walks for a hobby, whether you’re an avid walker and have been covering significant distances for years, or you’ve recently started walking in a bid to improve your health. Freetrain’s hands free phone holder for walking is ideal for all manner of walking but could be especially helpful for anyone that is heading off-piste for a walk and needs to consult a map along the way. At the same time, using a mobile phone holder for walking will mean that your hands are free, but you can track steps taken and kilometres covered using your smartphone. So, if you’ve been putting off walking regularly due to being ill-equipped with a safe place to store your smartphone and other essentials, now you can start!

How to get into walking

Of course, walking is simple and doesn’t really require much of an explanation when it comes to how to do it. However, getting into the habit of walking regularly can be a little more difficult in a world where we’re all so busy. The trick to forming a habit you can stick to is definitely to start small. Set aside 20 minutes out of your day to take yourself on a brisk walk that will not only increase your step count but also raise your heart rate slightly and work those muscles. One of the best ways to really get motivated is to select a podcast or playlist that you can get lost in as you go. Whether it’s a music playlist of your favourite songs or an educational podcast or audiobook, your smartphone really can be the difference between having no motivation and really looking forward to getting out to walk. A phone holder for walking in the form of a vest, also makes it even easier to carry your phone with you. Simply place the vest over your head, adjust the straps for ultimate comfort, and get lost in a walk that isn’t weighed down by full pockets!

If you’re just starting out with your walking programme, you’ll need to make sure you’re equipped with the suitable gear to avoid injury and ensure maximum comfort as you stride! From comfortable walking shoes or trainers, to waterproof jackets and breathable clothing, investing in the right equipment can really transform the way that you feel about your walking programme. When it comes to what to carry with you on your walk, it’s always advised to carry a small bottle of water (particularly if the weather is warm) and perhaps even some fuel if you’re planning a longer walk. Of course, don’t forget any essential medication such as an inhaler, should you require one for exercise. Freetrain have developed a holder for phone whilst walking that not only carries your smartphone but also has space for other essentials. Its adjustable straps mean it’s a lot more comfortable than a waistbelt and its front phone storage and touch screen cover means you can quickly and easily answer your phone, check maps or switch your playlist or podcast, without breaking your stride.

A mobile phone holder for walking on holiday

Whether it’s walking tours on a city break or a walking holiday in the mountains, walking is a fantastic way for discovering new places whilst on holiday, plus it’s free! Safe smartphone storage whilst on holiday is essential and so a vest mobile phone holder for walking is the perfect holiday item to ensure that everything is stored safely and you are handsfree to explore your surroundings. Our vests are adjustable and discreet so can be worn underneath jackets and other walking gear, or simply over the top of a tshirt.

No matter your age or ability, walking regularly is super beneficial to our health and wellbeing. With where to store your phone when walking now one less thing to worry about, there’s nothing stopping you from getting out there and hitting those steps. You can shop our bestselling and original vest, the Freetrain V1 for an amazing new way to store your smartphone whilst walking. If you’re planning on getting into the habit of walking in the dark, be that in the evening or at night, or getting out and about early before sunrise, then the fully reflective Freetrain VR is definitely the one for you! Discover your favourite today.