Where to put your phone when running a marathon

Running a marathon is one of the ultimate ways to challenge your fitness levels. Pushing your body for 26.2 miles is both a physical and mental test which, when completed, can be an achievement like no other. From entering a well-known marathon race such as the London or New York marathons to running the distance of a marathon virtually with nothing but your headphones for company, there’s plenty of ways to cover the distance. Whether you’re a regular marathon runner that aims for a PB every year or you’re gearing up to complete your first one, ensuring that you’re prepared for the day is essential. From covering the miles beforehand in a carefully put together training programme to fuelling your body with carbohydrates the night before, there are many elements that go into running a successful marathon. To ensure that you’re giving yourself the best chance on race day, you need kit yourself with the best equipment. From running shoes you know work for your gait to comfortable clothing and a smart watch if you want to track the miles – there’s plenty to remember when you’re preparing to run.

What do marathon runners use to hold phones?

This is a very good question and one that comes up a lot. Historically, mobile phones were left at the baggage collection point along with the rest of your belongings, but nowadays a lot of runners understandably want to carry their phones with them, particularly when they’re pushing such a long distance. Whether that’s to stream a motivational playlist or podcast to keep you going as the going gets tough, using your smartphone to track your mileage and route or even just to ensure you are contactable during an emergency or at the end of the race, there are plenty of benefits to using a phone holder for a marathon.

What is the best phone holder for my marathon?

Whilst waistbelts and arm bands seem like the best way to hold your phone while running a marathon, there are a few problems with carrying your phone in this way for this distance. Firstly, an armband mobile phone holder means you are weighted slightly more on one side. Whilst this might be ok for a short walk or jog, running with an imbalance such as this for 42km can eventually lead to injuries, with the unweighted side over-compensating for the other. Secondly, a mobile phone holder for marathons in the form of a waistbelt can ride up as you’re running or even put pressure on your stomach – something you really don’t want during a long run!

The best way to hold a mobile phone when running is central on your body. Freetrain’s best phone holder for a marathon comes in the form of a vest which fits over your head and adjusts at the sides of your body, for a seamless fit. Your smartphone is placed in the middle pocket, meaning it doesn’t imbalance your body and is super easy to use, without breaking your stride. A phone holder for a marathon should also allow you to carry other essentials such as energy gels to give you that much-needed boost at the halfway mark, keys and essential medication such as an inhaler. With the Freetrain, you can carry all of this in a safe and comfortable way in a vest that fits so well, you won’t even know you’re wearing it. Your best phone holder for a marathon just got better.