Where to put your phone when running

For many runners, ‘where to put your cell phone when running’ can often be a concern. Whilst we want to stay connected, track miles, use maps and listen to playlists and podcasts as we clock up the miles, there can be real concern about how carrying a mobile phone may affect performance. Whether it’s an uncomfortable waist belt, an unsecured waistband or even simply just a loose and unreliable pocket, carrying your phone as you go the distance has never been effortless. Until now.

You might be an avid runner that clocks up the miles weekly, or you might just be starting out on your running journey, or maybe you’re somewhere in the middle. No matter how many times you’ve donned those trainers, if you class yourself as a runner, you’ve probably wondered how to carry your phone when running at some point. And it’s true what they say, running, be it speed or endurance, is as much psychological as it is physical, and so aside from the impracticalities that carry a mobile phone device during a run can bring, something being in the way of your form can cause you waiver mentally, too. With the imbalance caused by carrying your cell phone on one side of your body (either on an armband or just in your hand) there’s even evidence to suggest that, when not done properly, running with your phone can even lead to shoulder and hip injuries over time. Of course, a waistband can enable you to carry your phone centrally, but even then you’re plagued with the risk of it riding up your back or even worse, pressure on your stomach – something you could definitely do without when clocking those miles.

So, all of the above begs the question: where to put your cell phone whilst running?

We’ve established that, if you want to carry a mobile phone device whilst running, it must be centrally located on the body, to avoid an imbalance in your gait and an eventual repetitive strain injury. With this being said, you’re probably still wondering ‘how can I keep my phone when running?’ and still have an enjoyable session? A running vest is how. With an adjustable fit for ultimate comfort and the ability to transport your phone (plus other essentials) when you’re out running without it getting in the way, a running vest finally holds the answer to carrying your phone when running. Using a running vest not only allows your phone to be centrally located and therefore allowing for an even distribution of weight, the fact it sits on your chest also allows for easy access to your mobile phone device should you need it. Every runner is familiar with trying to access their cell phone without stopping whilst out on a run, whether that’s awkwardly fumbling around in a waistbelt trying to free your device, or unstrapping an armband simply to change your playlist. The Freetrain running vest allows you to flip down the pocket at the front, do what you need to do with your smartphone and simply flip it back up without needing to stop your run altogether. Genius.

Where to put your phone while running – as a beginner

Whether you’re just starting out at running, prefer to run when the weather is warmer, have previously ran regularly and are just getting back into it or run regularly and even competitively, you will have at some point wondered how to store your phone when running. A running vest can be worn by runners of all ages and abilities and is simply a good way of keeping your phone with you without it being in the way. Whether you’re doing a quick couple of miles before a day at work, or you’re at the start line for a half marathon, there are many benefits to carrying your phone whilst running, in a way that doesn’t affect your stride. Aside from simply making sure you’re contactable in an emergency (or you can contact someone else should you find yourself needing to) it can also provide some much-needed motivation in the form of a running playlist or gripping podcast. Also, with many phones now storing health data, you can also use it to track step count, mileage and even calories burnt, if wearing a watch or fitness tracker isn’t really your thing. Whether you’re wearing wireless headphones or are connected up with a wire, the Freetrain running vest ideally positions your phone not only in a way that means you’re running safely but also in a way that it’s accessible not only for using but also for connecting headphones – something that can be an issue with an arm or waistbelt as their positioning can place your phone too far away.

How to carry your phone while running a race

Although race running can be more intense than a simple training session, the best way to get used to your equipment, be that shoes, socks, hats, gloves or running vests, is to train whilst wearing them, so you know exactly what works for you. Many race-goers will wonder how to run with your phone on race day, be it a 5k or a marathon, because gone are the days when your mobile was placed in the baggage hold and never to be seen again until after the race. Now, runners want mobile phones with them when running a race mainly so that they can be spurred on by a carefully curated running playlist and maybe even to take a cheeky selfie at the start and finish lines – because those before and afters are really worth holding onto. The Freetrain running vest works just as well during a casual training session or run with friends, as it does when really going for a time during a race event. Its adjustable straps will mean the vest stays in place when you’re giving everything you’ve got pushing for that PB and as well as carrying your phone, there’s also pockets for additional race day essentials such as energy gels, keys and an inhaler. So, if you’re wondering where to put your phone and keys when running a race, Freetrain have got your back (literally).

How to secure your phone whilst running off-road

It’s easy to see why so many people love trail and off-road running. There’s something about getting up and out to clock up those miles when surrounded by perfect scenery as you head off the beaten track. Those that do it know that trail running comes with an extra set of challenges. From thick mud to knee deep water, rocky terrain and steep hills, the nature of trail running means you need to be that little bit more prepared for all eventualities. Whilst you may have equipped yourself with the Gore-Tex shoes, thermal base layers and waterproof outerwear, the question of how to keep your phone whilst running trail still remains. Of course, you really do need to take a mobile phone when heading off the beaten track, not only for motivational music but also for those all-important maps to keep a track of your route and for being able to contact someone in case of an emergency.

When thinking about where to put your phone when running trail, you need something that’s water resistant (just in case you fall somewhere muddy or the weather on your side) as well as something that isn’t going to get in the way of your stride as you tackle that tricky terrain. The Freetrain will place your phone up high out of reach of muddy puddles and thick mud and it will also provide ease of access, so you can have a quick check of your maps to ensure you’re staying on track, without having to break your stride. Unlike most road runs, a trail run can often take longer to complete, not only because its tougher underfoot but also because routes tend to be longer, you’re stopping to check maps and just generally taking in the beautiful scenery around you. Because of this, you may need to carry more essentials than just your phone, which is where the Freetrain vest goes that extra mile. As well as a safe and secure place to put your phone when running, it also provides additional pockets for essentials. From keys and essential medication like inhalers to energy gels and even small snack bars to boost your energy levels as you run those hills, the Freetrain really has thought of everything when it comes to keeping you equipped whilst you run off-road. Whether you’re planning your very first trail run and want to make sure you’re completely ready, or you’re an experienced trail runner that is tired of running with an uncomfortable waistbelt or armband, a running vest will make those scenic trail runs even more enjoyable – whatever the weather!

How to carry your phone while running a marathon or ultra-marathon

The top dogs of race running, marathons and ultra-marathons require sheer determination and a lot of training, in order to push your body across such a long distance. Whether you’ve entered a running race for a marathon or ultra, or are doing it virtually on Strava, the same question remains, where to put your phone whilst running it? If you’ve completed 26+ miles before, you’ll know that all of your running equipment has to be just right in order for nothing to affect your performance. That way, you only need to focus on pacing yourself, your stride and keeping your head in the game. From your running shoes to your socks, to comfortable lightweight clothing that works for the weather conditions of the day, there’s a lot to consider when preparing for a long-distance run.

With so many ways for a smartphone to help as you run, it’s inevitable that you want to take it with you, rather than leave it behind for fear it’s going to get in the way. A running vest with several pockets is the perfect way to begin those miles with your smartphone comfortably and securely on your person. Unlike a waistbelt or running armband, the Freetrain running vest is adjustable for maximum comfort, so you wont even feel it as you run – perfect. The running vest also keeps your cell phone centrally located which not only helps for quick access as you run but also means that you’re not imbalanced, something that’s vital when you’re covering such a big distance. Of course, the Freetrain running vest can also help you carry essentials such as keys and also rejuvenating energy gels and inhalers. If you’re undertaking an ultra marathon you can be running up to 100 miles, which means you’re going to be out running for a long time, potentially covering a stretch in the dark. The Freetrain VR vest is a reflective version of its original and is ideal for any runners that need to be seen as they run. To be extra safe, you can also clip-on running LEDs, which are perfect whether you’re running off or on-road and need to be seen by passing motorists and cyclists, as well as light your own way.

At Freetrain, we feel that the ‘where to put your cell phone when running’ dilemma finally has a solution that works. With its stylish design, seamless, adjustable fit and secure storage for your smart phone essentials, it provides the answer to safely and securely carrying a phone with you whilst you’re running, no matter your age or ability. Whether you’re running your first mile or you’ve been hitting the pavements for years, make the Freetrain your next running investment. Now, nothing can stand in your way.