Using a jogging Phone Holder

Jogging phone holders are great for when you’re heading out on a jog and need somewhere to keep your phone and other essentials, without having to carry them in your hand. There are many reasons as to why you might want to carty a smartphone with you whilst you jog. Aside form staying safe and contactable, a mobile phone holder for jogging means that you have quick and easy access to your smartphone in order to do useful things such as change your music and playlists, stick on a podcast, track the miles that you have covered and use maps to assess your route. It has been proven that running and even jogging with a mobile phone in your hand or in an arm phone holder can lead to injuries, with one side of your body over-compensating for the imbalanced weight on the other. Of course, these injuries will develop over time but if you have taken up jogging as a routine way of keeping fit, you may well start to notice this. As well as causing an imbalance, many find jogging arm phone holders uncomfortable and also find that waistbelts don’t stay in place. So, what is the solution? Your next best jogging phone holder will come in the form of a training vest. And we’re going to tell you why.

So, what is the difference between jogging and running?

The difference between jogging and running is essentially the speed and way which you do them. Jogging and running both differ in pace and execution, with jogging being a slower, more aerobic exercise that focuses on stamina and endurance, and running being of a higher intensity, usually entering into the anaerobic and maximum heart rate zones. Jogging is a fantastic way for anyone that is starting out with this type of exercise to really build up the endurance it takes to cover those miles. By starting out at a slower pace, a jogger will gradually over time be able to cover more and more distance. If you’re an avid runner, you may jog during training sessions or in the company of others to ultimately maintain and even improve your endurance baseline.

In simple terms, you can think of jogging more as the warm up and running as the race. Due to its slower and steadier nature, jogging sessions will usually last longer than a run as your slower pace should mean that you are able to cover a bigger distance. As a result of this, you’re like going to need to carry your smart phone with you, along with your keys and other essentials. This means that you’ll benefit from a mobile phone holder for jogging that is going to be comfortable to wear over a long period of time. Instead of a jogging arm phone holder, we’d recommend a Freetrain jogging vest that can be adjusted to the exact size and shape of your body, even fitting over long sleeves and zip up jackets if you’re jogging in the cold. The Freetrain vest will allow you to easily access your mobile phone whilst in motion (be that to contact someone or answer a phone call, check your location or switch up your music) and get back to the task in hand. Its seamless fit and streamlined design means that you won’t feel a thing as you jog, which is essential when it comes to keeping your head in the game and focussing on your stride. As far as mobile phone holders for jogging go, we think this one is pretty cool!

How do I get into jogging?

You’re probably already aware that jogging is fantastic for our cardiovascular health, but it also helps to do things such as improve our metabolism, burn calories and therefore contribute towards weight loss if this is a goal of yours. As well as physical factors, jogging is also extremely beneficial to our mental health, acting as a stress reliever and also helping to alleviate feelings of anxiety and depression, so it’s definitely recommended to give it a go if jogging is a form of exercise that you are considering. Tips for starting jogging if you haven’t jogged before would include not starting out too quickly (remember, slow and steady will allow you to cover more distance and also ensure you hit the road injury-free), setting yourself a training programme that means you are jogging regularly (once a week isn’t enough to improve significantly) and ultimately not talking yourself down so that you give it your best shot. It can also be super helpful to fund a programme that combines running and brisk walking consecutively, so you’re not going from zero to one hundred, when you’re not ready.

What do I need to begin jogging?

As well as ensuring that you ease yourself into a challenging but enjoyable jogging training programme, you need to first ensure that you have suitable jogging gear. This includes suitable trainers that have been fitted properly in accordance with your gait, as well as running gear in breathable fabric that’s going to be comfortable over a long period of time. Of course, storing the essentials also needs to be considered, which is where a jogging phone holder in the form of a vest comes in. Simply place your mobile phone in the front of the vest and make sue you are prepped for the session with some energy gels that can be stored in the side pockets. As well as this, you can bring along your keys and of course any medication you may need as you jog, such as an inhaler.

Whether you’re new to jogging or have been enjoying jogging for years as part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle, the Freetrain jogging phone holder has completely changed the game when it comes to jogging phone holders. Try yours out today.