Introducing a revolutionary sports phone holder

With the need to carry your smartphone and other essentials with you as you exercise, the demand for a sports phone holder that’s going to securely carry your valuables without getting in the way of your performance, has increased. In the past, mobile phone sports holders have come in the form of waistbelts and pockets, or perhaps you even own a sports arm phone holder, but none of these have really done the trick when it comes to playing sports. From running and training in the gym to competitive sports such as football, basketball and even the equestrian field, the same dilemma remains: where do you put your phone when playing sport?

Finally, with a super streamlined and balanced way to take your small essentials with you whilst you train, the Freetrain vest is a sports phone holder you can well and truly rely on, no matter your sporting ability. You don’t have to be an elite athlete to want to store your essentials in a practical way when exercising, and this solution is most certainly for everyone. Nowadays, keeping your mobile phone on your person whilst you exercise is important to a lot of us. Not only does it mean you have means of contact in an emergency (whether you need to be contactable or be contacted) it also enables you to use maps if you’re running or stick on a motivational playlist should you need a bit of encouragement mid-session. For those that don’t use a fitness tracker or smart watch, your phone can also help you track your performance in terms of calories burnt, time moving and miles clocked. Basically, you want to be able to carry your phone in a sports phone holder and get the most out of your session, at the same time. This is where a training vest comes in.

Playing sport is as much of a mental challenge as it is physical. No matter which sport you choose, or whether you’re a novice or a professional, if your mind is elsewhere, it’s likely going to affect how much you give during the game. If you’ve stored your smart phone uncomfortably on your person as you prepare to play sport or train, you’re likely going to be thinking about that than concentrating on doing your best. Similarly, if you’ve stored your smartphone in a locker or simply left it at the side of the pitch in your bag, you’ll also likely to be worrying about it getting lost or stolen, which will also take away from your game. By choosing to wear a mobile phone sports holder in the form of a training vest, you’re keeping your valuable items close, but not experiencing the discomfort or an arm or waist belt. It really is the best of both worlds!

I have chosen a vest sports phone holder - what kind of sports are these suitable for?

From training cardio and weights in the gym to doing outdoor circuit sessions, the Freetrain Vest is suitable for anyone that wants to keep fit and healthy. As well as training, there are a number of sports that you can use this sports phone holder for, and these include Basketball and Football and even Equestrian activities! As well as games and matches, a vest style sports phone holder is also perfect for running and hiking. From running long distance including marathons and ultra-marathons, to practice sprints to improve your pace, a training vest will keep your phone safe – and you won’t even know it’s there! The adjustable straps and seamless fit make them just as perfect for running alone as they are for group running and even organised races. It has also been proven that wearing a running arm band or carrying your smart phone in your hand as you run or do high intensity exercise can cause injury over time, due to the fact that the weight throughout your body is imbalanced. Runners and fitness lovers have experienced pain in one side due to overcompensating for the additional weight, which is why a running vest sports phone holder is not only super convenient, but also much better for your physical health. After all, nobody wants such a preventable injury stopping them from reaching their goals!

I’ve only just started playing sport – is a vest sports phone holder suitable for me?

Yes! Whether you’ve just started running, have bought a gym membership or have joined a team to play competitively, the Freetrain training vest is completely perfect for all ages and abilities! We all know that exercise is key to staying fit and healthy, so it really just is about finding what you enjoy and then going for it! It goes without saying that no matter the type of exercise you find you enjoy, you need to be properly kitted out for optimal performance. From comfortable shoes that work for your gait to breathable kit that’s suitable for the weather in which you’re playing, investing a bit in preparing yourself is important. Amongst your kit should be a comfortable and well-fitting sports phone holder that enables you to carry your belongings safely, without you feeling uncomfortable. The Freetrain vest won’t just carry your phone but it will also allow you to store your car key, along with some energy gels and anything essential such as an inhaler. Should you need to contact someone or be contacted whilst you’re playing, you can access your mobile quickly and easily, just flip down the front of your sports phone holder and then secure it back into place. The plastic covering enables you to still use your smartphone’s touch screen. Better still, the stylish aesthetic of the Freetrain mobile phone sports holder vest means that it will match perfectly with your brand new workout gear!

A good sports phone holder is essential no matter your age or fitness ability, so be sure to invest in one today and don’t let the need to carry your essentials get in the way of your game!